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  • How to raise chicken in your backyard. How to house them and what to feed your chickens. What breed of chicken is right for you? Do you need a rooster?
  • How to build a Chicken Coop for your backyard Chicken. Download Chicken Coop Plans. What to consider when building a Chicken House.
  • Basic of building a chicken coop. Difference between a portable chicken coop and a permanent chicken house and where to get plans and information on how to build a chicken coop.
  • Why people are keeping chickens with information about egg production, natural insect control, fertilizer, organic meat or keeping chickens just as pets.
  • What breed of chicken is right for you? Which breeds are better egg laying chickens or meat chickens? The most common dual purpose chicken breeds and what is a bantam chicken.
  • What to feed your chickens from commercial chicken feed pellets, whole grains, garden bugs, kitchen leftovers to calcium and grit and how to feed your chickens.
  • Learn how to protect your chicken against predators to keep them safe.
  • A list of common chicken terms from Albumen to Wormer.
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