About the Backyard Chicken Site

More and more people nowadays want to get a bit closer to nature again and to the old way of living. One easy way to achieve that is to keep chickens in the backyard.

We at the 'Backyard Chicken Site' want to supply information on how to go about keeping chickens at home.

One of my first memories in life is admiring the hundreds of cute yellow chicks in our backyard. At least I thought that there were hundreds. My elder sister (who could count already at that time) tries to convince me that there were not more than twenty. Ha - I never trusted her counting skills!

We kept chickens for a long time. They had their own big brick chicken house and supplied us with all the fresh eggs we wanted. On the rare occasions when our  mother had to buy extra eggs, our father could tell straight away that these eggs were from commercially kept chickens. They just don't taste right.

Most of the time our hens had the pleasure of the company of a rooster. One of them was a big colourful bird with a doubtful temperament. He was nearly as tall as I was with my three years and he kept on attacking people to protect his woman folk. To cross the backyard you needed some sort of shield. One day our father used a big stick to keep the rooster at distance. Something must have gone wrong. We had roasted rooster for lunch the next day and our father was very distraught and had to buy a new rooster for the hens. 

Have fun with your chickens.

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